Welcome to our site. We're an independent developer of games for iPhone and iPad and, as you can see, we put more effort into our games than our website!

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Groats - At last a Shove Ha'penny style game with an actual shove action.

It's definitely not a handheld game! You'll need a flat surface like a table, desk, bar or similar to place your device on while you give it a shove.

Based on the classic English pub game of Shove Ha'penny but brought up to date for the modern devices. This is a two player game where players play a Groat each from alternate ends of the 'board' and the first to get three in the five beds wins

Online game also included so that you can play against or total strangers.

And a practice mode to help you perfect those skills...

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YouFeed - It's the matching game with a difference. Feed the animals the right food to clear them off and feed bonus animal (or use the bonus food) to score - the more you feed the higher the score!

Clearing the screen will take you to the next level where, of course, things will start to get harder.

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Jail.Break - There's a mass breakout underway at the local jail and as the perimeter guard it's your duty to stop the inmates from escaping. Tap quickly to keep them in!

You will need quick wits and quick thumbs in this whack-a-mole inspired game. Catch the inmates in the act before they escape by closing their escape routes with a tap.


As you progress the inmates will find more ingenious ways to escape, will coordinate more and more in their attempts and will attempt to trick you too! 

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If your little ones need something to do then try Unpuzl Kidz. A simple concept, take a photo and turn it into a puzzle made up of a number of tiles. You can make the puzzle as easy or difficult as you like with options from 4 to 48 tiles, and, of course, the picture you take can be as easy or difficult as you like to solve!

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If you like platform games but are looking for something a little different then Hemball might just be for you! 

An unconventional platformer, instead of controlling a character around a platform, you control the platform itself. In the guise of the fulfillment director of a business making ball-pit balls you must get the little balls into the vehicles waiting for them at the bottom. But make sure you get the right colours into the right vehicles!

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The shelves may be empty but there are still a few things to grab down at the supermarket! Help Benson do a bit of shoplifting while avoiding obstacles and maintaining a bit of social distancing of course 

A simple tapper game with a topical theme!

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More Coming Soon.....