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App Name: YouFeed

Type: Game

Price: Free

Categorization: Puzzle

Operating System: iOS 9.3 and higher

Release Date: 13/10/2020

Size: 33 MB

Languages: English, Spanish



The objective is to feed all the animals and clear the screen.


To feed the animals, just drag the food from the bottom to them - but make sure you feed them the right food! Once fed they disappear and the rest drop down.


To clear the screen feed two or more of the same animal adjacent to each other together - feed just one and another will drop down to replace it.


In the top left and right corners of the screen you’ll see a bonus animal or bonus food displayed. To score feed two or more of the bonus animal, or feed two or more animals with the bonus food (some foods are eaten by more than one type of animal. The more animals you can feed at the same time the higher the bonus you'll get.


Clear the screen to level up,, and things will start to get harder….


If you fail to complete the level in the time then you’ll lose a life, lose all three and you’ll be demoted back a level and your score will be penalised.



Try to align as many of the bonus animals as you can before feeding to maximise points and clear the screen faster - there’s a bonus at the end of each level two, the faster you clear the higher it will be.

For the bonus food, try to align the as many of the animals that eat it as you can, but you'll only have three attempts!

Every time the bonus animal changes then next animal to fall will be of the same type - use this to your advantage to align them and clear them off.

If you feed an animal the wrong food, they’ll turn to stone - wait for and use the TNT do clear these, but try not to leave a stone alone at the bottom as the whole row will refill.



Top scores leaderboard - bragging rights!

If you’re logged into Game Centre you can transfer your progress between your different iOS devices

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