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App Name: Jail.Break

Type: Game

Price: Free

Categorization: Action

Operating System: iOS 9.3 and higher

Release Date: 01/07/2020

Size: 60 MB

Languages: English


If you like Whack-A-Mole you'll love this - Whack-A-Con at the local jail! The inmates think the relaxation of lockdown applies to them and it's your job to keep them in.

You will need quick wits and quick thumbs (yes, both of them!) in this whack-a-mole inspired game. Catch the inmates in the act before they escape by closing their escape routes with a tap.


As you progress the inmates will find more ingenious ways to escape, will coordinate more and more in their attempts and will attempt to trick you too!


Your performance is constantly monitored so keep an eye on your rating (if you can spare one!)


Two modes of play:


Solo which has longer patrols and the chance to win overtime (time and a half points!)

Multiplayer with shorter patrols and multiple players playing on the same device

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