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App Name: Supermarket Dash

Type: Game

Price: Free

Categorization: Action, Casual

Operating System: iOS 9.3 and higher

Release Date: 05/05/2020

Size: 28.5 MB

Languages: English


Benson has run out of food and although the shelves are empty there are still a few things to be had down at the supermarket.


Help him avoid his fellow shoppers, security guards, obstacles and even the odd vulture whilst stocking up on a few basic essentials on the way. With a little skill you can even snatch them out of the hands of others for extra points!

The longer you last the harder it will get - beware of the hoarders with toilet roll and pasta...

It's a simple endless runner where you get more points the longer you last with bonuses awarded for collecting items from the store - tap to jump!

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